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Check out our info page for our next show, Evidence to the Contrary, which runs at the ANNEX THEATRE from April 26-29, 2017

Director: Nicole Arends

Cast:        Naomi Peltz        Norman Hussey        Tamlynn Bryson        Jada Rifkin


Tree of Life Theatre Company is thrilled to be Launching it's first season! We are committed to creating accessible theatre that raises awareness about current social and/or political issues that are affecting our community. We strive to plant seeds and nurture growth within the community by donating a portion of the proceeds from each show to charity initiatives that mirror the issues raised in our productions. Read our full mandate here

Our First Season has officially been released! Please check out our 2016/2017 Season page to learn all about the exciting things in store!

Our First Season Launch Party was a Roaring Success. Thank you to everyone who made it possible. (Miss out? Check out the highlights here!)

Check Out the Show Director Page to read up on our First Season Director Line Up!

All of our show and audition information will be posted here, so stay tuned and sign up for our company newsletter so that you never miss out on the excitement!

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