Tree of Life Theatre Company   

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Guest Artists

Kimberley Hoy has been a passionate photographer for more then 30 years. Weddings, engagements, head shots, theatre,  business events, travel or what have you, she truly believes that if you have an eye and can truly see, the world is full of photo ops just waiting to happen. Her goal is to create for you a picture celebration of your event that catches all of the special moments-- the fun, the fancy and everything in between.

Claire Hunter is a singer/songwriter and actor originally from Almonte, ON.  She is a graduate of the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts.  She received the “Triple Threat Award” upon graduation.  Since then she has been working on tv/commercial and theatre projects as well as her original music.  With the help of the Toronto Arts Council, she released her debut EP Something Safe this past February.  Claire is thrilled to be performing at the Tree of Life Theatre Company’s launch event. To find more information on her album and upcoming gigs you can visit
Matti McLean is thrilled to be a part of this initiative to fight cancer. As lead artist in the Human Canvas Project, Matti has spent the past four years making people feel incredible in their own skin. A project not bound by ethnicity, sexuality or body shape, the Human Canvas seeks to reconcile the relationships people have to their bodies in a unique and significant way. He is honoured to be a supporter of Tree of Life Theatre and can't wait to see what amazing collaborations come out of such talented and determined individuals.