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2016/2017 Season

Show Info for our 2016/2017 season.


It's (kind of) A Love Story...

Written by Naomi Peltz
Directed by Peter Van Wart
Cast: Denise Norman, Ellie Posadas, JaeMoon Lee
November 16-26, 2016 (COMPLETE)
The Commons Theatre, 
190 Richmond St E. 2nd Floor. (Enter off Of George St.)

Alison and Michael are faced with the daunting choice of whether or not they should cross the line between friendship and romance. As the two would-be lovers ask themselves whether they are willing to risk their friendship on the quest for love, every person they encounter offers up their opinion about whether or not this is a good idea. Conflicting thoughts, opinions and information blur lines along the way and Alison is left trying to unravel the truth behind a traumatic event that results from the mixed signals.

10% of all proceeds raised from this show will be donated to: 

The White Ribbon Campaign-

Evidence to the Contrary

Written by Hélène Pedneault
Translated by Linda Gaboriau
Directed by Nicole Arends
Cast: Naomi Peltz, Mike Hogan, Jada Rifkin, Tamlynn Bryson
Preview April 26 @ 2pm, 
Opening April 26 @ 8pm, 
April 27, 28 @ 8pm, 
April 29 @ 2pm
Closing April 29 @ 8pm 

Lena Fulvi has been arrested for the murder of her mother. She insists it was an accident, but she has been accused by a nurse in the hospital who saw her do the deed. Her sisters willingly testify against her. But the Inspector questioning Lena is not convinced that it is an open and shut case. He probes the pain and darkness that Lena conceals beneath a sophisticated veneer, embarking on a journey with her that changes them both.

10% of all proceeds raised from this show will be donated to:
Dying with Dignity Canada-

The Squid's Embrace

Written by Lezlie Wade
Directed by Lezlie Wade
August 2017.

Two old friends, one Canadian and one American, are brought together during a winter storm and forced to confront their past through the suicide of a mutual friend. As the evening progresses differences in the arts between men and women, Canadians and American’s leads to a heated discussion about the nature of success, and an unexpected Faustian bargain.